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Spare Part Order

  1. Import and Export Control Regulations
    In order to comply with national and international foreign trade regulations/laws, in particular in connection with direct or indirect business relations with Russian companies inside and outside the Russian Federation, and direct and indirect business relations with companies from Belarus within and outside Belarus, the parties will support each other and provide all necessary documentation and information, such as relating to the registration of items to be imported or exported in import/export control lists or the place of origin resp. to the final destination and end use of the items. Neither party is obliged to perform its obligation under the contract in violation of any statutory or internal import/export control regulations. LTG shall have the right at any time to withdraw from the contract, without incurring any liability for either party, if
    • the subject matter of the contract is related to sanctions imposed against Russia and Belarus;
    • the Supplier, despite request, does not or not provide either any of sufficient enough information about the place of origin, if necessary, provides proof by a certificate of origin;
    • the Buyer, despite request, does not provide either any or sufficient enough information about the final destination and the end use of the goods;
    • LTG obtains knowledge of an unintended end use after tendering or knowledge of any previously unknown person involved in the business and cannot perform the contract due to any export control or intra-group regulations;
    • the items or services are intended for military end use, civil nuclear use or for use in connection with weapons of mass destruction or for missiles capable of delivering such weapons; substantive evidence shall be sufficient to prove this intent; or
    • a possibly illegal or unlicensed export or an infringement of embargo rules cannot be fully ruled out.
  2. RMA process
    1. Please fill in the WEB RMA form completely. Do not forget to confirm, that you have read our RMA conditions and fully agree to them.
    2. The RMA form should be sent to the LSC by pressing the button ‘’send’’.
    3. Our repair service checks whether the claim is covered by warranty or a chargeable repair will be necessary (depending on your decision). Then you will receive an RMA number by the LSC.
    4. Please print the RMA form.
    5. Send the defective goods along with the RMA form to the specified LSC address.
  3. RMA conditions
    1. Please make sure that you follow the RMA instructions carefully. That avoids unnecessary costs and enables the repair service centre to carry out the work efficiently, and the equipment will be returned to you in an appropriate period of time.
    2. Please make sure that all the goods you intend to send to us are really flawed. This helps to avoid unnecessary costs.
    3. Please make sure that the RMA form is enclosed to the consignment. After receipt of all necessary information, the RMA process can start. If we do not receive the entire information required within four weeks, the consignment will be sent back to your home address.
    4. Products based on proof of fault within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced by the LSC.
    5. If we cannot accept a warranty claim (for example if the product was damaged by improper handling or transport damage), our LSC will get in contact with you to discuss the next steps (repair/replacement liable to costs or return). If the warranty period has expired, you have to accept the following costs:
      • costs of repair according to expenditure and material (if possible to repair)
      • handling flat rate of € 150,00 per position
      • costs for replacement product (if impossible to repair)
      • freight costs (no freight costs will be charged in case of warranty)
    6. If no error will be detected in the returned goods, following costs will arise: handling flat rate of € 150,00 per position, freight costs (according to expenditure)
    7. We are anxious to carry out repairs or provide a replacement as quickly as possible. Please take into consideration, if products or spare parts are not in stock, we would request your understanding that processing time could take somewhat longer.
    8. Terms of payment: 14 days net without deduction or according to individual agreement. Payment via check cannot be accepted.

Dear customer,

on Dec 1st 2022, we have done a general reorganization in Luminator's Service Center. Please keep in mind that it is very important to pick the right manufacturer for products to be sent in for repair.

You can find information on the reorganization here:

Best Regards
Your Luminator Service Team

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